recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

recipe round up Nov

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a nice day with family. We played some games, laughed, talked and of course we ate so. much. food. But we still had a lot leftover. I love all the Thanksgiving dishes and even after eating a ton, I still want more! So here are a few ideas on what to do with those leftovers other than your standard turkey sandwiches. Click on the links to go to the original posts and get the full recipes.


Turkey Hash from Country Living


Crispy Rosemary Potato Cakes from Country Living


Cran Apple Smoked Turkey Sliders from Cooking Light


Turkey Soup from The Food Network


Sweet Potato Hot Cakes from


Quesadillas with Chutney & Brie from Martha Stewart

These all look so delicious even after eating so much yesterday. Enjoy your weekend and your leftovers!


DIY repurposed frame | holiday gift idea

repurposed frame gray

The holidays are upon us and my shopping has officially begun! Are you like me and need a few more gift ideas? Yes, I’m struggling! But I do have one gift idea that you can make yourself and you can customize it for anyone on your list. I’ll show you how you can turn an everyday simple frame into a unique photo or art display. Include a beautiful photo or artwork – or my hand painted calendar – with your frame and make it even more special!

All you need to make this repurposed frame is:

repurposed frame material

  • 8×10″ frame in any color or finish you choose
  • a piece of fabric that coordinates with the frame – approximately 11×14″
  • a piece of coordinating ribbon – approximately 11″ long
  • metal bulldog clip
  • glue gun
  • scissors

And here are the steps:

repurposed frame before

Take apart the frame and recycle the glass.

repurposed frame trim

Use the back panel as your backing and trim your fabric so it’s approximately 1 or 2″ larger around all edges. Here’s where you can vary the style of the frame and fabric for the different people on your list.

repurposed frame attach

Wrap the fabric around the backing and hot glue it onto the opposite side of the backing. I found it was best if I did the opposite edges first (top then bottom; left then right), pulling the fabric tight as I glued. For the corners, it worked best when I trimmed a notch out of each corner before I glued each side.


When all sides are glued, cut a piece of ribbon a few inches longer than the width of the backing and glue it onto the frame backing. Be sure to leave enough room so that your 5 x 7″ picture or art will fit below it. Wrap the ribbon around the left and right edges and glue it to the back.

repurposed frame clip

Next, attach a bulldog clip to the center of the ribbon with the hot glue. You can find these clips at any office supply store or you can order them online here.

repurposed frame finish

If you want to add fabric to the backing this gives the piece a nice finished look but isn’t necessary.

repurposed frame black 1

Now, just reassemble the frame (without the glass) and it’s ready for display!

repurposed frame thin

You can add your favorite photo or artwork.

repurposed frame wrapping

This repurposed frame goes great with my 2016 watercolor calendar! Put them together and you’ve got a perfect holiday gift solution for almost anyone on your list! Bonus – the calendar comes with a bulldog clip too! So you can use it to make your repurposed frame. The calendar is available for sale in my Etsy shop. Click here to order. Then get going on repurposing those frames – and your holiday shopping will be underway! Enjoy!


DIY painted glass vases for fall

painted glass vases square

Happy Friday! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and fall is leaving us soon. I wanted to share a very simple DIY project that would make a great final fall centerpiece or decoration to your home. Painted glass vases are so pretty and when grouped together they can really make a statement. And what I love about this project is that it uses only recycled glass jars and craft paint- that’s it!

This project was just recently featured on a lifestyle magazine blog for an ABC affiliate out of Seattle called Yesterday on Tuesday. woot woot!

painted glass vases detail 2

I used the colors of fall for these vases but I did add a pop of an unexpected color because I just love blue. But you can change the colors and personalize them for any occasion – reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day or all deep greens for Christmas would be so pretty too.

Here are the steps to create your own:

painted vases before

Gather a few glass bottles in various sizes and shapes. I had a few small bud vases and I also used old food bottles {soy sauce, soda and cocktail sauce ones are great}. Clean your jars by soaking them in very hot, soapy water. Then peel off the labels as best as you can. For stuck on glue, use a light scrubbing pad. Be sure your bottles are completely dry before applying the paint.

MS craft paint names

For the paint, I used Martha Stewart multi-surface craft paints that I got at Michaels – there’s also a line of glass paints you could use. I picked a mixture of seasonal colors and added the caribbean blue. This color was the perfect compliment to all the orange and brown tones. You could also do the ombre look and get one color in varying shades.

painted vases painting

painted vases painting 2

To color your bottles, simply pour a few tablespoons of paint into your bottle. Roll your bottle around to evenly distribute your paint along the sides. I had to tap the side of the bottle against my hand to help spread the paint around too.

painted vases drying

When the sides of your bottle are painted, set them upside down to remove any excess paint. I used a cookie rack on top of a baking sheet covered in wax paper. After about a day, I turned the bottles right side up to help speed up the drying time. Your bottles will need about 2-3 days to fully dry.

painted glass vases detail 1

These DIY Painted Glass Vases look perfect with some twigs and fall clippings – or you can fill them with other options like feathers and flags. Be sure not to fill them with water though – or any other liquid; the paint will pull away from the sides of the bottle.

painted glass vases tall

I just love the colorful, finished look of these vases. I put 6 of them on this wood pedestal I got at Michael’s {$8.99 with coupon} and it’s an instant fall centerpiece.

If you’d like to read more about fall decor ideas, click on the links below:

Super Easy Thanksgiving Table & Free Place Cards

thanksgiving table 2

Free Fall Art Prints

free fall art prints


Give Thanks Giveaway

It’s giveaway time around here! I just gave away my new 2016 watercolor calendars to three lucky winners and now I’ve got another special treat for you today to say thank you for all the support and encouragement you’ve given me this past year. It means the world to me when you take the time to visit my blog, share my ideas with your friends and leave sweet comments.

Give Thanks Giveaway for a $200 Amazon e-Gift Card, November 16-23, 2015

It’s the time of year when we often reflect on and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. And I’m lucky to have so many wonderful blessings! And you, my loyal readers, are one of the things I’m thankful for here at greco design company. To show just how thankful I am, I’ve teamed up with several of my blogger friends to give you a chance to win a $200 Amazon e-Gift Card in the Give Thanks Giveaway hosted by:

Ashlyn at Belle of the Kitchen
Pam from The Birch Cottage
Lori from Greco Design Company
Valerie from Occasionally Crafty
The O’Neil Sisters from Running with Sisters
Sondra Lyn from Sondra Lyn at Home
Carrie from Kenarry: Ideas for the Home

Make sure to head over to their blogs and hop around! They’re such creative bloggers. You’re sure to find some fun new ideas for your home this holiday season when you visit their sites. Before you enter the giveaway, here’s a sneak peek at some of the wonderful crafts and recipes they have in store for you:

Easy Baked Apples – Belle of the Kitchen

Easy Baked Apples - Belle of the Kitchen

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pudding Cookies – The Birch Cottage

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pudding Cookies - The Birch Cottage

Fall Home Tour – Greco Design Company

Fall Home Tour - Greco Design Company

Free Fall Printable Sign – Occasionally Crafty

Free Fall Printable Sign - Occasionally Crafty

How to Make Leaf Candle Tarts – Running with Sisters

How to Make Leaf Candle Tarts - Running with Sisters

Rustic Glam Fall Tablescape – Sondra Lyn at Home

Rustic Glam Fall Tablescape – Sondra Lyn at Home

Beautiful Burlap Wreath Ideas for Fall – Kenarry: Ideas for the Home

Fall Burlap Wreaths: 3 Beautiful DIY Craft Ideas - Kenarry: Ideas for the Home

Enter to Win a $200 Amazon eGift Card

Give Thanks Giveaway for a $200 Amazon e-Gift Card, November 16-23, 2015 Below you will find the Rafflecopter where you can follow each of the hosts on our social media channels. For each channel you follow, you get one entry into the drawing. You can also earn entries for tweeting about the giveaway, leaving a comment or for sharing your e-mail address (which we promise we’ll only use for this giveaway.) This means you can earn up to 29 entries (or more if you tweet every day) in the Give Thanks Giveaway, giving you an even better chance to win! Who couldn’t use a little extra money just before Black Friday, right?

Giveaway Rules: The prize has been sponsored by Kenarry: Ideas for the Home. No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM ET on November 23, 2015. All entrants must provide a valid e-mail address and be at least 18 years old. The giveaway is open worldwide. One lucky winner will be randomly chosen from among the entrants and notified via e-mail. The winner has 48 hours to respond via e-mail to claim the prize or another winner will be selected. The $200 Amazon gift card will be issued via e-mail by Carrie at Kenarry: Ideas for the Home. The hosts and their immediate family members are not eligible to win. Odds of winning depend on the number of entrants. Please read the complete terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter form. If you have any questions, please contact Carrie at ideas at kenarry dot com before entering the giveaway. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you again for being a loyal reader! I’d love to know what are YOU most thankful for this year?


calendar winners!!

calendar winners

I’m so excited to announce that the following lucky ducks have won a 2016 watercolor calendar!!

calendar winners

Congratulations to you all!!

Be sure to check your inbox for an email from greco design & leave a comment below so we can all congratulate you!

If you didn’t win, you can still purchase a calendar by clicking here. Thank you to all the participants for your support and for being a part of the greco design community! I always get so excited for giveaways so be sure to stay tuned for more.


mid century furniture makeover

mid century dresser_main

I am so excited to share with you this furniture makeover I just finished. I’m excited not just because I love how it came out and how much storage it’s giving me in my home office, but because I’m done with this project! Have you ever had projects that you were just so happy to finish? Now don’t get me wrong, I loved working on this piece and I knew it had so much potential but it was definitely a bigger project than I had originally expected. literally.

mid century dresser_before

I found this gem on the side of the road this past summer. It had mid century written all over it and I heart mid century furniture. And it was free – how could I pass it up? I know my husband just loves getting these phone calls from me to help transport a big, old piece of furniture back home. Especially when the piece weighs over 150lbs and is 6-1/2 feet long. But I knew it had potential. And after a little research, I found that this piece is a Lane Mid Century Modern Paul Eames Dresser. It was made in the early 1960’s and according to several websites, Lane made very high quality furniture during this period. In great condition, this piece has gone for $2,000 – $3,000 at auctions. what? And I found it on the side of the road. It definitely wasn’t in great condition but it looked pretty good.

mid century dresser_squares

Here are the steps I did to transform this classic dresser into a fun, unique storage piece:

mid century dresser_polish

First, I cleaned it throughly with some wood cleaner, polish, water and lots of old rags. This really brought out the color and look of the wood without having to strip it and re-stain it.

mid century dresser_touch up

Since the wood was in really good shape with just a few scratches and worn edges, I used a furniture touch up marker to fill in these areas. These markers can be found at any home supply or arts & craft store. Or you can get in online here. These markers are a quick, permanent solution for touch-ups and repairs on virtually any piece of furniture. Just be sure to pick a marker color shade that best matches your wood finish.

mid century dresser_hardware

I knew I wanted the piece to have a lighter and brighter look to it. I loved all that wood and repeating geometric shapes, but I wanted to tone it down a bit. So I removed the three center drawers and the hardware for them. I pictured this area to have more open look with decorative boxes or bins instead of the heavy drawers.

mid century dresser_fill holes

I also took off the back panel. It was a little banged up and I didn’t think it was necessary to keep it. I filled in the nail holes from the removed hardware and sanded those areas down.

mid century dresser_paint

Next, I added some brightness – white! When I think of mid century, I think of shiny white finishes. Combining the wood and white would be a nice contrast. But I didn’t want the whole piece to be white so after I removed all the drawers, I covered the left and right sides, leaving the center open drawer area and top exposed. Then I spray painted these areas a glossy white. I thought this was the best way to achieve that clean, super shiny finish. After several coats of spray paint, I finished the top with a polyurethane – I made the mistake of using an oil-based polyurethane and it left a yellow tint to my nice, white glossy paint. So I had to sand it down and start over. More spray paint and an acrylic polyurethane. Much better but very frustrating!

mid century dresser_gold corners.JPG

I added these gold corner protectors mostly because they look pretty but they do actually protect the corners so that’s a bonus. I love the addition of gold to this design without being too much.

mid century dresser_open bins

The hardest part of this transformation was finding the right bins to replace the three center drawers I removed. They needed to be a certain size and I just wasn’t finding what I needed. Or, if I did find something close to the size, the look just wasn’t right. They were either too country or too rustic to fit with this mid century style. And I wanted color. ugh. I bought several baskets/bins/boxes for these spots but ended up returning all of them. Then I decided to make my own. I’ll have a separate post showing you exactly how I made these boxes but they were super easy and they only cost me $14 each. They were the perfect solution for these odd spaces and I got to design them exactly how I wanted them – even adding a little touch of gold to them too.

mid century dresser_room 1

I love how this piece looks in my office and the storage is amazing. Plus it adds a retro look to my space – with a little unique flair.

mid century dresser_front

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and even though I’m so happy this project is finished, it was one of the most interesting pieces I’ve worked on. I’m so glad I stopped and picked up this oh-so-very heavy dresser. Maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle a project that seems too big or too challenging too. Sometimes those yield the best results. Enjoy!

2016 calendar is here!

watercolor calendar main

Happy Monday! I‘m excited to announce that my 2016 watercolor calendar is done and available in my Etsy shop!

calendar main

I created similar calendars last year and they were a big hit so I decided to create a new version for 2016. Each month has it’s own 5″ x 7″ card with a watercolor image that I painted. I changed up almost all of the images for next year and I’m really happy with how it came out! Each calendar also comes with a silver bull-dog magnetic clip. You can use this clip to hang the calendar on a refrigerator, a locker or any metal surface.

calendar framed

Or, instead of using the clip, you could frame the cards in a standard sized 5″ x 7″ frame each month and display them on a desk, in an entryway or hang them on a wall. Keep the frame up each month and just change out the art.

frame after 1

Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can create a fun, fabric-backed frame and hot glue the clip onto the backing like I did with this year’s calendar. There are so many fun options!

calendar painting

I had so much fun painting all the new images and then I paired each image with a relevant quote for each month.

calendar detail 2

I hope you enjoy this new calendar. They make great holiday gifts for school teachers, neighbors, or as a house-warming gift or thank you. Pair it with a frame or add it to a gift basket. Or add a ribbon and give it as-is!

calendar detail 3

As a bonus, I’m giving away a calendar to three different lucky Greco Design Company readers. Enter for your chance to win below – contest ends this Friday. And if you want to purchase a calendar, click here to go to my Etsy shop.

Thanks so much for your support!

click here to enter to win

an easy Thanksgiving table & free place cards

Thanksgiving setting main re

Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents summer house on Cape Cod. Our kids were so excited to be at the beach for this holiday. We usually don’t visit in the colder months so this was something new. And since we were at the beach, we knew our Thanksgiving was going to be a fun, casual dinner. We didn’t want anything too fancy or formal. And that included the table setting. Thanksgiving tables can be so formal that it takes away from the warm inviting feel of the holiday. And a lot of times these place settings cost a small fortune. We wanted our Thanksgiving to have a more casual feel and since we were going to be at the beach, we were adding a slightly nautical twist.

Thanksgiving table full

Even though we may not be at the beach for Thanksgiving every year, I fell in love with the whimsical, nautical feel of our Thanksgiving table and could do this look every year! It was a bonus that it cost close to nothing to create too.

Thanksgiving table covering

We started with a roll of brown kraft paper as our base and rolled a long piece from one end of the table to the other, allowing for a little to hang over the edges. We brightened it up by then laying a narrower roll of white drawing paper over the kraft. I originally wanted the white paper to have gold polka-dots on it but I couldn’t find this anywhere so I took a gold sharpie and drew my own dots on the white paper. I think this added a fun homemade look to the table and the gold made it a bit more chic. I like how the dots mimic the dots on the vase I got at Target!

Thankgiving table pencils

We used the paper table coverings for a few reasons. 1) easy clean up. 2) It only cost $10 – with lots of paper to spare – and 3) we wanted our family to write on it!! We gave everyone a sharpie as part of their place setting so they could write what they’re thankful for right on the tablecloth. And they could also doodle too. We added some colored pencils to the centerpiece if anyone’s feeling extra creative! The guys were not so keen on this idea but we had fun with it.

Thanksgiving place cards printed

I created these simple place cards, wrote the names of each person on the cards, cut 2 slits in them and inserted the sharpies. I included these place cards as a freebie for you all! Click here to download the place cards, print them out onto card stock and you have fun, pretty place cards for your Thanksgiving table. Use them with the paper table cloth or simply have your guests write on the actual cards.

Thanksgiving table detail 2re

Then we shopped the house for the centerpiece items. We didn’t put all the food on the table since there is always. so. much. food. So creating a busier centerpiece was ok. We gathered everything that was gold, white, cream and I also added a little orange because it’s fall and well, I love orange. We added some sea shells since we were at the Cape. I didn’t include any flowers or foliage but between the shells, the sticks and the gourds, I think we have the natural, organic elements covered.

place setting 4

A couple of other details we added were two paper napkins per person. I don’t like cloth napkins, plus clean up is easier with paper. We used our simple China plates and silver chargers I got from Michael’s. I loved the combination of gold and silver on this table – adding just the right amount of fancy. Gold plastic turkeys were a nice addition to each place setting. We found these turkeys at Michael’s too and spray painted them gold. I also spray painted some pinecones and acorns gold too. Gold spray paint can really transform any item!

Thanksgiving place cards

After making my circles on the paper, which only took about 20 minutes, I just started placing all the elements together until it looked ok.

Thanksgiving table detail

A few tips on arranging centerpieces:

– keep some consistency to the pieces you select such as color palette, theme or shape.
– vary the heights of the pieces, stack things up using cake stands or even books make good pedestals.
– vary the textures: feathers, sequins, seashells, sticks, fabric, netting, pinecones… can all work together if they have a common color palette.
– keep the pieces close to each other so they work as a unit. Adding an actual connecting element helps. For this it was the gold netting. You can also use ribbon, sticks, branches, etc.
– add a bit of the unexpected – I added the seafoam color of the gourd and place card, which gives the white, gold, orange and beige color palette a bit of a kick. Or use unexpected items like a jewelry box, a candy jar, or a mini chalkboard to achieve the same goal.
– trial & error – just keep moving things around until you like it.

Thanksgiving table aerial

So in addition to this table setting having a purpose, it is also very cheap, perfect for clean-up, and gravy spills won’t be a big deal! It had a great homemade look with a touch of nautical and chic. When you’re setting your table this Thanksgiving, think about what has meaning to your family. Shop your home and your yard too – you’ll be surprised what you can do with some candles, fabric, a variety of vases and natural items. And don’t forget the importance of the day – to be thankful. And writing or saying what we’re thankful for can be a fun activity especially when they get to write on the tablecloth! Enjoy!

Better Homes article

Checkout this article in the November 2014 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. If they say it’s ok to use wrapping paper as a Thanksgiving tablecloth well then it must be ok!

October recap

October recap from the blog at Greco Design Company

October was a great month – the weather has been beautiful and there have been lots of fun projects going on here!

Here’s a little recap of the blog happenings this past month. I’m also including some additional inspiration I found elsewhere. There’s so many great ideas out there and it’s fun to share!

Here’s recap of my posts and blog activity for this month. Click on the links to go to the original posts:

on the blog art

• I made my own bath salts in lavender and grapefruit scents. This was such an easy project and would be a great gift idea for the holidays!

Check out our kids’ bathroom renovation progress. It’s slow going but it’s getting there!

The buffalo check plaid is everywhere and I shared some really great items I found in this versatile print.

• Then I transformed a plain notebook into a trendy, buffalo check plaid showpiece using washi tape. Another great gift idea!

My pumpkin with bling was so fun to make and there was no messy pumpkin guts to clean up! It was also featured on the following blogs: Naptime CreationsCarolyn’s HomeworkBumblee Bree BlogDIY by DesignPosed PerfectionPint Sized Baker, and Diana Rambles. Plus my good friend and her daughter made their own version and it looked awesome!

• Maps, maps and more maps – did you see my gallery wall I created using maps? Fun and educational art and it was very inexpensive to do. It was featured on Weekend Craft’s blog.

• Check out my post about The Value of a Daily Walk. I found that these 25 minutes each day can be so uplifting and energizing. I recommend trying to squeeze in a daily walk – it’s worth it. This post was featured on the following blogs: Dear CreativesI Should Be Mopping the Floor, Refresh Restyle, Redhead Can Decorate, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, What Meegan Makes, Your Homebased Mom, Inspiration for Moms, Our Southern Home, and A Pinch of Joy.

• Did your kids get a ton of candy for Halloween? I shared some fun recipes for all that leftover candy. so good and gooey.

…and things I found elsewhere that inspired me:

inspiration elsewhere

• I loved this article from the Huffington Post. My birthday is this week and although I’m a little bit older than 40, ahem, this article nailed it for me – especially #8. So stinkin’ funny.

• Love this DIY project from Emily Henderson. I pretty much love everything she does. I bet she’s not 40 yet.

• And this post from The Everygirl: “Who Runs the World? Girls!” highlighting all the positive, strong women in the world today. But they forgot to include the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and their impact on young girls all around the world. And if you didn’t catch it on the news, check out this young girl’s letter to President Obama about women in sports. I love it! And I love his response: “Play like a girl? It means you’re a badass.”

• This party. The adorable invitations, the plaid blanket table coverings, the felt animal masks, and the vintage plaid beverage containers. Any of these ideas would work for a variety of party themes. So sweet.

I hope you all had a wonderful October!

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