organizing the kitchen cabinets

organized spices

I love the idea of open shelving in the kitchen but currently I am not a good candidate for these. My cabinets have a lot of stuff and they’re not always organized or look pretty. That’s what the doors are for. am I right? But I do love to see those pretty open shelves and I think it makes a kitchen look so open and airy. Someday, I will have open shelving in my kitchen and they won’t look like a disaster.

So I figured I should start cleaning up my cabinet mess, organize them and keep only what we really use and need. Then maybe they’ll be open-shelf worthy. If not, at least they’ll be organized and it will be much easier to find what I need. Cabinets simplified.

spice cabinet before

I started with my spice cabinet. baby steps. I am an ok cook, I don’t love to do it. I cook dinner almost every night but usually stick with a few standard meals and once in a while I’ll mix things up and try a new recipe. This is where my spice problem comes in. My spices had their own shelf and I would just keep adding to them. It was a little out of control. I had 4 nutmegs. I don’t use nutmeg. So I cleared out this cabinet which also included some other random kitchen items and baking ingredients. Then I had to add baking items to my organization project.

spices after 1

This is what I did for the spices:

- went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought 15 small clear glass spice jars (.99 each), and a stacked spice shelf ($5.99). I had to switch my spices and baking cabinets so that I could fit the shelf.

- went through all my spices, threw out what was old, gave away anything that was unopened to our local food pantry and then poured each spice into it’s own brand new glass jar. So pretty.

- The spices I use a lot and frequently (garlic powder, parsley, pepper, cinnamon) didn’t fit in the smaller glass jars. So for now, I’m keeping them in their own containers but I just grouped them together on a separate shelf, making it easier to find them.

- I made very simple spice labels. Attached them to each jar and put them on their new shelf.

baking after

For the baking items: 

- bought a few clear jars also at Bed, Bath & Beyond in different sizes to hold some of the smaller items I had {sprinkles, birthday candles, cupcake holders}

- cleaned out all old stuff {I had lots of food coloring???} and kept the necessities.

- I could have gone crazy and put all the baking items like the baking powder and baking soda in their own pretty jar but that was little too much for me.

- I discovered cute silver canisters stuck way back in my cabinets that held sugar & flour. I put them together and they’re open-shelf worthy now.

That was really about it. The most time consuming part was pouring the spices in their new jars. But a few snow days was the perfect opportunity to tackle this project.

lables & jars

If you are feeling the urge to organize your cabinets too, I’ve included my spice, sugar & flour labels as a freebie for you. Just download the file and print onto label paper {or regular paper and use a little glue stick to attach}, cut them out and attach. My only suggestion is if you’re using a stacked spice shelf, attach the labels towards the top of each jar so that when they’re on the shelf you can still see their labels.

Have a great weekend!



the lessons in traveling


I didn’t want to come home. We were in paradise and the thought of coming back to the frigid temperatures, snow banks that touched the street signs, and just the routine of the dreary winter days was haunting me. So much so that the pictures of home that I saw on facebook and the occasional news channels looked almost foreign to me. But it had to happen.

We spent 7 amazing days on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and a few extra days in Charlotte, NC in route. It was a family vacation – just me, the hubby and kids. Quality time. Big time.

Living in the Northeast, the winter months can be very long. I honestly think I get the winter blues and truly believe in the vitamin D, sun depravation thing. This time of year I get grumpy, edgy and patience is thin {all the other months I’m just a delight}. Plus I’m pale and I feel the effects from all the holiday comfort foods. yuk.

So needlesstosay, a Caribbean vacation was just what I – we all – needed. I’m not writing this post as a “look what we did” message. I got so much more out of this change of scenery that I wanted to share it with you. And maybe encourage you to change your scenery a bit to help with any unhappiness, grumpiness, rut – whatever you want to call it – that you might be experiencing. Or maybe it’s just me?? I don’t think traveling 1800 miles is necessary to achieve this change of attitude. But, yes the sun and warmth did help.

In addition to it being fun, we can learn so many things when we travel. I was fortunate to travel a lot when I was younger and probably didn’t appreciate it as much at the time but looking back, it has completely changed my knowledge base. It has given me a different perspective on life and although I don’t consider myself “worldly” I am proud of my traveling and nothing can replace it or the first-hand knowledge I experienced. No books, classroom, or movie – no matter how educational – can come close. Here are some of the skills I think we can all learn with a little travel and a change of scenery. Not to mention the change of attitude that comes along with it.

FIRST. geography.

You’ll obviously learn about where you’re going but you’ll also learn what else is around you. What it took to get you there and why. The weather, the terrain – all great lessons in geography.

SECOND. finance.

Whether you’re spending a lot or a little, money management seems to be a big vacation issue. And how to spend your money wisely. Our vacation really improved our math skills.

THIRD. time management.

What are we going to do today? Tonight? For lunch? Is there an activity we want to do? What time does it start? Can we fit it in?

FOURTH. creative thinking.

You could be traveling to the mountains, a bustling city, a friend’s welcoming home, or a tropical island – whatever the location, a change of scenery can do wonders for the creative part of our minds. We look at things differently. We notice things. We take pictures. We appreciate the beauty and differences around us that we might be missing at home. Traveling forces us out of your normal routine and to truly “create” our experiences.

FIFTH. sociology.

We learned so much about people. The good, the bad and the ugly – and by ugly I mean rude. Luckily we encountered more good {nice} people than rude. It’s also an opportunity to learn a lot about those you’re traveling with. Huge learning opportunity.

SIXTH. sales.

The art of negotiation. When you travel with people you need to consider everyone’s wishes. And since everyone usually wants to do, eat, and see different things, here’s where the sales and negotiation skills can kick in.

SEVENTH. politics.

We were fortunate to be in another country and they had their Prime Minister election while we were there. Same as our Presidential election – so it was a big deal. Plus, their current Prime Minister had been in office for 20 years. whaat? No term limits. And the people of St. Kitts were very passionate about the election and were willing to talk about it, the candidates and the different government rules. Very informative. But even if you’re staying local, it’s still a chance to learn how other towns, states or communities operate.

EIGHTH. psychology.

Dealing with the feelings and emotions that come with traveling. The ups, the downs, and for me, the coming home.

  st kitts montage

We all learned so much on our beautiful trip. It wasn’t perfect, not everything went exactly according to plan – if we even had one – and the kids bugged and tormented each other at times. But it was the time we took to spend together – trying new things and experiencing a new place – that made it perfect. And on top of that I think we all came back with a slightly new perspective on life. Can’t beat that.


floral prints are everywhere!

floral tray

I just bought this divided serving dish at Marshall’s for $6 {!} and it has made me notice all the floral prints on pretty much everything lately. I was never a big fan of the florals, something I think my husband has appreciated. But I think this serving dish has started to change my mind. I’m much more open the floral print trend. Don’t worry, honey – I don’t think I’ll be buying floral comforters or curtains anytime soon. But some smaller floral prints might be showing up here and there.

Here’s a look at a few fun floral prints that I’ve seen lately:

floral montage

pants // sneakers // dress // pillow // running pants // platter // scarf // clutch

What do you think? Are you a floral print fan? Or maybe it’s just my desire for spring {summer!} to be here already!


my top 10 beauty products

Top 10 beauty products montage

First, I have to say that I am in no way an expert in these things. The only credentials I have are that I’ve been using beauty products – and many of them – for over 30 years. So, for that reason alone, I guess we’re all experts. Throughout those 30 years, I feel like I have tried them all. I was the sucker who always bought the “newest” thing. And if there was a free gift involved, I took it – hook, line & sinker. Can you say, Clinique?

As I’ve gotten older {and wiser, maybe?} I’ve been slightly more skeptical about my beauty purchases. Slightly. So no, I’m no beauty expert. And many who know me personally, can attest to that. Nails – seldom manicured. Hair – usually in a pony or baseball hat. Make-up – applied in the car, at stop lights. But, stay with me, I do know what I like and what works for me. I just might not always take the time to use them as often as I should.

Here are my top 10 beauty picks from a non-expert, infrequent beauty product user. That’s quite a sales pitch, huh. I know that these sort of things are very personal and everyone has different likes and needs so keep in mind – these are just my picks. But maybe some of them will work for you too.


1. John Frieda Root Awakening Purify & Nourish Shampoo & John Frieda Root Awakening Hydrate & Nourish Conditioner
I have tried lots of shampoos & conditioners. Cheap, expensive and all the in-betweens. I even asked my hair dresser for his suggestions {enter the expensive kind} and I honestly saw NO difference. Until I used the John Frieda Root Awakening products. First, they smell amazing. And my hair really does feel better when I use them. I do have dryer hair so these might work better for those with similar hair but I think they’re worth a try! They’re hard to find these days but you can get them online here: shampoo & conditioner.


2. EOS Lip Balm
I was not buying this trend at all. Why do they need to make lip balm in a ball? My daughter had about 7 of them lined up on her dresser. And it is winter. And my lips are so dry. So I took one. Yes, I stole one of my daughter’s EOS. It was the Blueberry Acai one if you must know. Yum. I was hooked and I use it all the time. It’s the perfect shape for your lips. So they knew what they were doing making the lip balm ball. It wasn’t just a marketing ploy. Or maybe it was. But it worked. Get the EOS lip balm here. They also make shaving cream. Bonus.


3. Nivea: A Kiss of Shimmer Lip Care
I know this is another lip product and it’s kinda like a lip balm but this has just a bit of color and it is super smooth. Almost creamy. And since I don’t really use lipsticks, this is a great solution to having your lips look like they have a “kiss of shimmer”, hense the name. I always get mine at CVS but you can get it online here.


4. Garnier BB Cream
A term I was hearing a lot but didn’t really understand what it was all about. BB stands for blemish balm. It’s suppose to be an all-in-one product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. Now I wouldn’t go throwing away your serums, moisturizers, primers, foundations and sunblocks, but I think this BB cream really covers this spectrum. I don’t like foundation but I need something to even out my skin. And I do have dry skin so a little extra moisturizer is nice. Sunblock – not always top on my necessity list {don’t judge} but always good to have. And I do use a night serum but I’m on the fence about it. So, finding this Garnier BB cream that did all this was perfect. I use the light/medium color during most of the year and medium/deep during the summer.


5. OPI Nail Lacquer: Sedona Seduction
I have not been blessed with nice nails. Even if I was, I have not been blessed with the patience to keep them looking nice. But I do need to keep some sort of polish on them so they don’t widdle away. That usually consists of a clear top coat. But when I’m feeling crazy, I use OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Sedona Seduction, a silvery, gray-blue. It looks so pretty on my not-so-pretty nails and gives them a finished look without drawing too much attention to them. And 2 quick coats are all I need. I do like to get gel manicures too which last almost 2 weeks. But they really do a job on my nails and make them feel like paper for about a month. So I’m sticking with this OPI color as much as possible.


6 & 7. Hand Creams: Keri and Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream
These are two completely different hand creams and that’s why I love and need both of them. I use Keri as an everyday-keep-it-in-my-car cream. And I use the Burt’s Bees when I need some serious hand repair. The Keri is light and dries quickly but still effective. I know this because I’ve been using it since I was a teenager. And the Burt’s Bees is very greasy and thick but really works on super dry hands. I love the smell too. I keep that one by my kitchen sink.


8. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara {very black}
Good mascara for under $5. whaaat? I think I’ve been using this mascara off and on since my teenage years too. I use the waterproof version also which does the job and still comes off easily when I wash my face. What I really would like to do is lash tinting. Which you can have done at any salon. I did this years ago and I felt like a rock star. Might be time for that again. Until then, I’ll stick with Maybelline’s Great Lash.


9. Renewing Argon Oil of Morocco {for hair}
I just started trying this and I’m in love. Again, dry hair so might not be for everyone. But the Moroccan oil products are amazing and this claims to add shine, enhance highlights, mend split ends and tame frizzies. You’re welcome.


10. Olay Regenerist Moisturizer
oh this dry skin is my nemesis. But it has made me try lots and lots of moisturizers. The Olay Regenerist Moisturizer seems to be the best for me. It’s about $20/bottle and it claims younger looking skin without drastic measures. It is suppose to visibly regenerate skin’s appearance along with intense hydration. I’m a believer.

You can get almost all of these products at any drug store but I just realized that they’re also available online at – and they seem to be cheaper there. And free shipping for orders over $35.

Some things I’m still searching for are:
• a good hair gel
• that serum thing – what are your thoughts?
• a non-greasy body cream
• something that vanishes wrinkles – like by tomorrow!

Any suggestions? Remember we’re all experts! Enjoy!


leather luggage tag DIY

luggage tag final 2

We are headed south to the beautiful island of St. Kitts for a little R&R {can’t wait!} so I decided to make some luggage tags for our trip. These luggage tags will not only help identify our suitcases, but they also look pretty cute. And they are very easy to make. The first one I made took a little longer and I worked out some of the kinks so the following ones were much easier and I breeezed right through them. Kinda like having kids – you learn all your mistakes with your oldest, right?

I’ve always loved the look of the classic leather luggage tags but I wanted to try my own and give them a rougher, more homemade look. I added a monogram on my tags. I love the extra personal touch these add but you can easily leave this step off.

Hopefully you’ll find this project to be a breeze too with these instructions:

materials needed:

luggage tag materials

leather pieces {I bought this remnants package at AC Moore for $5.99. I love the worn in look of the leather and I also love the lighter, camel color}
scissors or X-acto knife
hole punch {I used a 1/8″}
leather cording {also from AC Moore}
plastic sheet or similar {I cut up a clear file pocket folder}
paper or business card for label
eyelets and eyelet setter kit
acrylic paint, if desired

step 1

luggage tag leather

Cut 2 leather pieces 4 x 3″

step 2

luggage tag opening

Cut a window in one of the pieces about 3 x 2.75″. I basically measured in 1/2″ for the left, right and bottom edges and 3/4″ from the top, drew the rectangle and cut the window out. I purposely left a little extra room at the top for the handle.

step 3


luggage tag grommets

Using your hole puncher, punch a hole in the top center of each of the 2 pieces so that the holes line up. Attach the eyelets using the eyelet kit. I love these eyelets and have used them on invitations and several projects in the past. The kit is super easy to use – it just consists of a mini hammer and a anvil-like tool to curl the edges of the metal eyelets.

step 4

attached grommets

Cut a piece of your leather cording to the desired length for your handle. Thread the cording through each of the eyelets and tie a loop knot at the bottom, close to the tag. You’ll need to untie this to insert your label but this is a great way to keep the leather pieces together while you’re working now.

step 5

luggage tag hole marks

luggage tag holes

Mark off the areas for your cording to thread through. I placed holes every 1/2″ along the 2 side edges and the bottom edge. I also learned from the first tag that you should make an even number of holes so that your cording will be tied in the back at both the start and end of the threading. Trust me on this one. Next, punch holes in all the marked areas.

step 6

luggage tag lacing

luggage tag back

It’s time to “no-sew” the edges together. Starting from the back of one of the top corners, thread the cording through the holes. Tie a knot in each end – which should end up on the back of the tag.

step 7

inserting tag

Make a label that is a bit bigger than the window {approx. 3.25 x 3″} using any paper you have. Cut a piece of plastic the same size. Remove the handle cording and slide the label and plastic {on top} into the tag. If you want to add a monogram label, go to step 8, if not, skip to step 9.

step 8 {optional}

initials materials

I added a smaller, single piece of contrasting leather to the top of my tags and painted a monogram on them for a little extra cuteness. I just cut the piece of leather to the size I wanted {1-1/4″ square} and punched a hole at the top, added another eyelet and freehand painted my monogram with acrylic paint. You could also add a cute decoration instead of the monogram. These little embellishments will help you recognize your luggage quickly!

step 9

luggage tags final detail

Tie the handle cord back on and then attach to your luggage. Now you’re ready to travel.

on bag

Bon voyage!

marsala – Pantone’s color of the year

pantone color of the year 2015

Pantone announced that their official color of 2015 is Marsala, a brownish red that evokes the richness of the Italian wine it’s named for.

If you’re not familiar with Pantone, they’re a company who, according to their website, is the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries. They have the famous Pantone color chip books that, as a graphic designer, I use as my guide to select ink colors for printing. 


Last year Pantone picked Radiant Orchid as their 2014 color of the year. A beautiful jewel tone that was a combination of pink and purple. Check out my post about Radiant Orchid here. I even painted a Radiant Orchid print – get that freebie here. In 2013, Brilliant Emerald was their top color choice and Tangerine Tango was the 2012 pick.

Now, I’m not going to sugar coat this. I love the sophisticated richness that this hue evokes. And I love when it’s paired with such colors like robin’s egg blue, golden yellows, and grays. And it also pairs well with a variety of metallics, like gold, rose gold and copper. However, I am not a huge marsala fan.

chicken marsala

I am a huge chicken marsala fan. But that’s something very different.

I was hoping Pantone chose a blue for this year. A nice deep cobalt or a green infused gray-blue. Or even a golden yellow, making me think of the ever-so-distant springtime. But marsala is their pick and I’m going with it. I know, it is beautiful. And, unlike the Radiant Orchid from last year, I do have hints of this color in my world – in our home, clothing and cosmetics.

So, to help me get a little more excited about this color choice, I decided to explore the marsala trend. It worked. Grab a glass of wine {get it?} and enjoy these products in the beautiful marsala hue.

marsala montage

Blake Lively at Cannes Film Festival // invitation from Wedding Paper Divas // chubby stick lip color balm from Sephora // pillow from Etsy // Gap pants // Crate & Barrel vases // journal from Minted // Brighton belt // Etsy watercolor {that I just ordered!}

Marsala is also a beautiful color choice for weddings.

marsala wedding

left: Tulle and Chantilly, right: Mike Maez Photography, Floral: Your Event Florist

So whether or not you’re a marsala fan, you have to appreciate it’s rich earthy beauty.

Do you have any marsala hue in your home, wardrobe, or lifestyle? If not, you can always make this chicken marsala recipe. Yum!

make-your-own pennant banner

banner long type

I had a lot of people ask me where I got the cute banner that was hung on the multi-purpose rolling cart that my friend and I just repurposed.

banner hanging

It was a real simple pennant banner I made to add some color and whimsy to this oh-so-fun piece. These pennant banners seem to be everywhere so I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon and share the super easy steps if you want to join me.

stencil detail

Here’s a glimpse of one I made for my sister’s home office.

And here are a few other ways these pennant banners can be used:

cake topper

I love this miniature one used as a cake topper.


Use fabric remnants and embellish a pillow.


This banner was created using washi tape and it made this invite so sweet.


Or how this larger pennant banner adds so much to this room.

Here’s an easy step-by-step on how to make your own pennant banner. Keep in mind, the individual pennants on the one I made are only 2″ high x 1″ wide, and the length of the banner is about 4 feet. You can obviously make yours any size. Adjust the dimensions as needed in my instructions.



• Three different colored scrapbook papers
• yarn, twine or string – cut to desired size {I did 48″}
• scissors or x-acto knife
• hot glue
• ruler


cut paper

1. Cut the paper in 4″ strips (so paper was 4″ x 12″)

folded paper

2. Fold 4″ strips in half {like a hot dog bun}. So now you have 2″ x 12″ folded sheets.


3. Measure for triangles – using a ruler, measure and mark every 1″ along the folded edge. Then do the same for the open edge but start at 1/2″. This is just so that you can cut triangles easily and evenly.

cutting triangles

4. Then, take your scissors or x-acto and cut each mark from the open end to the closed and vise versa so that you come up with a bunch of triangles {or unfolded they’re diamonds}.

all triangle pieces

5. I did this for all the colors and ended up with a bunch {about 33}.


6. Then, I folded them over a piece of string and hot glued the sides of each diamond together.

Super easy, inexpensive decorations!

cart back detail

multi-purpose rolling cart | fun, collaborative DIY

cart after detail

Have you ever got to work with a friend? The last time I worked with a friend was during my summers in college. My very long-time friend {let’s call her Audra} and I worked as waitresses in a nice, local restaurant. Anytime we worked together, we laughed and were very silly. We laughed and were very silly even when we weren’t working together. So, working together as waitresses was probably not the best idea, but we had so. much. fun. Now, many, many years later I just got to work with another friend {let’s call her Beth} on a DIY project and again – it was a blast!

cart before

The project we worked on was repurposing a bedside table to be a multi-purpose kitchen rolling cart. This was a great idea. Repurposing. Is that a word? My friend wanted this piece for her kitchen area for the extra storage and work space.

cart after 2

We had a very rough plan. We knew we wanted to use casters so the piece could roll to be used wherever she needed it. And we liked the black, somewhat distressed finish. But it needed to look less like an end table and more like a working piece. Then she mentioned the word concrete. And we were giddy. The waitressing kind of giddy.

We gathered our tools, our ideas and we got started. Here’s a breakdown of what we did:

installed rolling casters

table legs

We sawed off the four small legs then drilled holes a little smaller that the caster screws we had.

casters f

We screwed the casters in carefully so the wood did not split. One of the corners started to split a bit so we added wood glue and tack nails and that worked great. These casters are big for this piece but we love how they give it that industrial feel and really add good support.

cork board backing

back before

Since this piece will be rolling around, the back will often be seen and we thought it should have a purpose. Plus, the current back of this piece was a little warped and worn {not in the good way} and it needed some TLC. A cork board would be a great solution. It could hold recipes or any tidbits of info for entertaining.

cork board

We had a old framed cork board that we repurposed. We took the frame off {keeping it for a future project} and trimmed the cork down to the correct size. This was a little tricky since cork doesn’t always cut very nicely.

  cork board on

We used a sharp Xacto knife and ruler and just cut slowly and carefully. We used Super Adhesive 77 Spray mount along with some hot glue to adhere the cork to the back of the cart.

trim on

The edges of the cork were a little rough so we took a 1-1/2″ burlap ribbon to cover the rough edges. Then we used funky silver buttons and attached them on each of the corners to help bring out the silver metal from the casters. A simple notch in the cork and some hot glue was all the buttons needed to adhere.

cart back

made a concrete top {giddy laugh}

cart after detail 3

Since this piece was being used in the kitchen, the top surface needed to be durable and able to handle food and drinks. The current wood surface wasn’t going to work and we wanted something more industrial. We thought about replacing the wood with a separate stone top but we both love the look of concrete and this was the perfect opportunity to learn how to do it.

This was the most time consuming part of our DIY project. And what made it even more time consuming was that we messed it up! We got greedy and put on a second coat of concrete, which was probably too think, and we didn’t allow for it to “breathe” – at least that’s what our go-to guys at the hardware store told us. But we had patience and determination and fixed it. The results were pretty cool – allowing for a rougher textured finish. So I’d love to detail all the how-to’s on the concrete top but with our silly mistakes and learning curves, I think creating a concrete table top {and fixing your mistakes} deserves it’s own separate post – to come soon.

distressed the wood

sanding base

We took our hand sander and went to work, focusing a little more on the edges. This was just what the piece needed to give it the worn {in a good way} look.

grasscloth drawer liners

liners 2

This was a nice finishing touch that gave this piece a more unique look. We cut the grass cloth to size and used our handy-dandy Super Adhesive 77 Spray mount to attach.

liners decopage

After the pieces were secure, we brushed a thick coat of decopage over them. This will help protect the delicate surface from getting ruined.

before and after front

before and after back

We’re pretty excited about how this rolling cart turned out. The materials only cost about $25. Not bad for a concrete topped, multi-purpose rolling cart – with great storage! whew that’s a mouth full.

cart back detail

cart open drawers

It may have taken a little longer to complete but it was well worth it and we both learned a few things along the way! Think about repurposing a piece in your home. And if you ever get the chance to work with a friend – take it. Make the most of it and have fun!

Click on the LINK PARTY button to the right to see the places I’m linking to.

valentine’s card freebies & preparing for the storm

valentines cards

Valentines Day always seems to sneak up on me so I’ve made some kids’ valentines that you can print out at home and your little ones can decorate themselves. One more thing to check off your list! They’re good to give on their own or attach them to a cute valentine’s treat. I did these cards last year and added another one to the mix. I didn’t want anyone to miss out!

Click here to download the color-your-own cards.

The store bought cards are just fine – but I love the handmade option, too. And these cards are a great excuse to do something fun with the kiddos! They might just make your life a little bit easier. Plus they’re free!

owl detail

cupcake detail

For this one, we got some fun pencils and I made these “flags” to wrap around them – a simple alternative to the candy option. You can also use washi tape to add some personality to the pencils.

pencils 2

Click here to download the pencil flag cards.

So now we’re hunkering down waiting for a big storm. I’ll be trapped in my home for at least a day, probably two. And even though I have lived in the Boston area all my life and I’m used to these crazy winters & the blizzards that come with them, I still don’t have any love for them. But I have to admit, I am a little excited about this storm because I have some much-needed jobs to be done around the house and this will give me the time and excuse to get them done. So, between decorating valentine’s with my daughter – and shoveling – I’ll also be doing the following:

• cleaning and organizing our pantry. I want a whole new pantry but that won’t happen in the next two days so for now, I’ll just do a little purging and organizing.

• reorganizing our spices. I just bought all new clear jars and a stacking shelf so now I can see what we have and get them more organized. Maybe that will make me cook better. maybe.

• cleaning the fridge. I hate doing it but I do love the results.

• hanging a mini gallery wall in my son’s bedroom. This is long overdue. We have all the pictures and now we’ll have the time to hang ’em!


• And I’m going to try to make these heart shaped crayons with my daughter. I saw this fun project here at The Inspired Home – she always has such clever, great stuff.

So, the fact that I’m a little excited about the cleaning and purging makes me a bit of a dork but I’m ok with that. I’ll be an organized dork. But come Wednesday night I’m sure I’ll have a bit of cabin fever. Or I may ditch all these plans and just plop myself on the couch with {lots of} wine and catch up on my Showtime series shows {so bad, but oh so good}. That should help the cabin fever, as long as we don’t lose power. Oh, give me strength!


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